Welcome to my brand new website!

You may find here all the things you need to know and see about me. This site is divided into three sections :

the first one is the illustration section. You may find here my latest CGs or traditional sketches.

the second part is dedicated to all of the projects I have worked on.

Too many things to say about it, so take a look by yourself.

the third and last part is about my personnal details, all the practical information you need to know to contact me.

Enjoy your visit and come back anytime!


Pictures published in the latest Ballistic's book "Exotique4"

I finally made it! After several years of atempts, two of my CG artworks appear in the new "Exotique4" book.


Cover for the "Black Mamba" magazine

Amazing! The pulp magazine "Black Mamba" asked me for an Indy Pin-up to appear on the november issue cover.



Pictures published in the latest Rage's book "Digital Painters 2"

Oh yeah! About four pictures more to be printed into the british rage publishing book "Digital Painters 2". Here we go again!



One tutorial for the Photoshop Computers Graphics special issue.

I've never been a good writer, i prefer drawing. But i did this tutorial, hope it will be usefull for somebody...



Front cover illustration for the "Heroes Magazine" first issue.

The first magazine where YOU are the hero!! Let's go back to the eighties!!



Front cover illustration for the Laurent Whale's novel "Le Chant des Psychomorphes" re-issue.

My first novel cover illustration!! Whououou!!



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