e-mail: a.bonvalot@lexis-numerique.fr

MSN adress: alex2303@hotmail.fr

age: 36

date of birth: 23/03/1974

place of birth: Paris 13

School of Art in Paris. Diplome Brevet de technicien Dessinateur Maquettiste (1991-93)

HighSchool of Art in Paris (Estienne School). BTS Visual Communication (1993-96)

3D computer imaging and specializing in computer graphics (Estienne Paris 1996-97)

Military service in the Fire Brigade Officers School (1997-98)

lead graphic designer in the communication department of a cosmetics company (1999)

Lead Designer in a communication agency in Paris (2000)

Computer graphics artist, Lead Designer and Game Designer in a video-game company (2001 to date)